About Me

Hey there, my name is Sara! It's nice to meet you. This blog started in 2011 as place for me to write about what was happening in my Etsy shop and feature some of my favourite Etsy sellers. My Etsy shop is now gone but my love of blogging never changed. I now mostly blog about DIY projects, art & photography, my current projects and sometimes I even get a little personal.


My days are filled with scritching my 2 kitties, cooking with my husband, attempting to bike everywhere, pulling weeds, eating my veggies, being amateur-artsy, and working on my website CourseCraft. It's a self-serve e-course creation tool that my husband and I made together. What does that mean? Well, have you ever wanted to make an e-course but didn't know where to start? CourseCraft helps you easily create a beautiful e-course and sell it. We're both extremely proud of this project and would really appreciate it if you check it out!

That's enough about me, I'd love to hear from you! Here's my email address, let's be Internet friends! sara@mrhandsomeface.com

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