Fall Freebie

Posted on October 11, 2012 and tagged Freebies, Favourites

Oh boy is it ever chilly out there lately! I've been drinking lots of tea, piling on the layers and even designing Christmas cards. In between all that, I put together a cute little iPhone wallpaper to get my phone all ready for fall. It's like a cozy little sweater for your phone! So cheesy, I know. Since your phone will be so stylishly ready for fall, you should probably find a comfy sweater too. Then, click here to download my Fall Freebie iPhone wallpaper.

Instructions (while on your phone):

  1. Tap and hold on the image
  2. Choose 'Save Image'
  3. Go to your Photos
  4. Tap the arrow in the bottom left
  5. Choose 'Use as Wallpaper'

Cable Knit Sweater - Fox Sweater

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