My 2013 Goals

Posted on January 1, 2013 and tagged Personal

Read 8 books -- This might not seem like a huge reading goal, but I figured since I've got a lot planned for 2013 I'll set some attainable. There have been years when I've read closer to 30 books but I have a feeling I won't have a lot of time for reading this year. I'm really hoping to exceed 8 books, but we'll see.

Fill a sketchbook page per week -- This one is actually going to be my new 52 week project. I really want to draw more and I think one page per week is more than do-able. And I'll make sure and post a picture each week so you can see it too!

Knit a sweater -- I just learned to knit over the holidays (barely) and I would really like to knit myself a sweater this year. Knitting came pretty naturally to me, so I think with a little practice I could cross this one off in the next couple months.

Have CourseCraft break even -- As you probably know, my husband and I started a little business in December. CourseCraft is a simple way to create and sell e-courses. We both have high hopes and big plans for it and I would loooove to see it pay for itself by the end of the year.

Try 2 new recipes per month -- I've been cooking the same things every week for a while now and it's getting a little boring. Between Post Punk Kitchen and Chef Chloe, this should be a fun and delicious goal!

Grow a nice garden out front -- Never having gardened a day in my life, this might be a tough one. When we first moved into our house in August I got the urge to rip everything (and I mean everything) out of the front garden and plant 2 sad looking shrubs and about 50 bulbs. After that, the neighbourhood squirrels had a giant feast on all my newly planted bulbs so I have a feeling I'm working with a clean slate this spring.

Take more walks and bike rides -- This was something I started doing last fall and I really loved it. I borrowed a bike from my mother in law and took off on a fairly regular basis. I would really love to get my own bike this year. After living in Toronto for 4 years with only my 2 feet to get me places, I'm basically a professional walker. Now that we have a car I want to make sure I don't get too lazy.

Sing and play a song on my guitar -- You guys, I got a guitar for christmas!! I can play 3 chords now, so I'm pretty much ready to start my own band. :P I would be so happy if by the end of the year I could play a whole song somewhat competently and sing along too. Did I mention I also joined a choir? I'm so excited about it and it should help me with the singing part of this goal.

There you have it, my 2013 goals. Nothing too sappy like "Be a better human being" or vague like "Get creative". Just simple, straight forward, measurable goals I can start working on right away. What are your goals for the new year? Anyone else doing a 52 week or a 365 project? I would love to hear about it! Happy new year everyone.

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