Art (almost) Everday

Posted on June 17, 2013 and tagged Art & Photography, Personal with comments

Hey remember when I wrote about my New Year's goals and one of them was how I wanted to fill a sketchbook page every week? And then I started doing that and posted a photo every week of my sketchbook? Well if you don't, it's probably because I did it like 4 times and then totally gave up. Gotta love New Year's goals that last only for January...

Well, I've been following Jessalin Beutler on Twitter ever since I bought an adorable and beautifully painted dress from her online shop and she started this project called Art Everyday where she (as you may have guessed) makes art every single day.

For some reason, even though I couldn't manage to put pen to paper once a week, making something everday seemed attainable. I still don't understand the logic, because there is no logic in this, but I find setting aside a few minutes everyday just to play around in my sketchbook so much easier than "filling a page each week".

Art everyday (in my opinion) is about feeling free to just scribble on a page one day, make giant ugly mistakes the next day, and maybe even create something you're proud of the next day. When you experiment and make something you're feeling blah about, there's always tomorrow to start fresh. I felt a lot of pressure with the sketchbook page per week to create something good every week. Afterall, I had a whole week to complete it. Now, I love being able to experiment with my tools and not think of it as a final piece.

While I haven't managed to stick with making art literally everyday, it's definitely art almost everyday. Turns out I've been managing to fill way more than one page per week too! So I still feel like I'm sticking with my New Year's goal.

What about you? Have you stumbled on any goals this year and what are you doing to get back on track?

Weekly Sketchbook :: 4

Posted on January 31, 2013 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

Hey there! I've been meaning to get this post up for days now, but we've been having such gloomy, rainy weather that I just couldn't get a good photo! I think I remember this point during my last 52 week project (The View from my Phone) where you're just a few weeks in so it's not quite a habit yet. Finding time to sit down and draw has been surprisingly difficult for me, and that's sad because being creative is so important to me. I think in a few more weeks, when drawing starts to become more of a habit and less of a chore I'll really start getting exciting about this project.

Come back tomorrow for the February Freebie!! Bye for now.

Weekly Sketchbook :: 3

Posted on January 22, 2013 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

After last week's mess, I decided to change things up with a bit of watercolour! Working from photos of flowers that I found on the internet, I filled my first page trying to make them look realistic. Quickly realising that wasn't working out I started a new page and went with what felt natural. Easy, loopy shapes and painting outside the lines was fun for me. I think I'll try more watercolours this week.

Weekly Sketchbook :: 2

Posted on January 15, 2013 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

Aaaand this is why I don't usually show my sketchbook pages. That dragon with legs that look like they went through a meat grinder? Why? And the crown... Oh lord. Once I get drawing a couple ugly things, the next step is always to draw little cartoon people or animals to make fun of my ugly drawings. If you're anything like me I hope you'll identify with the feeling that you have a draw a ton of crap to come up with one tiny thing you like. But I find some comfort knowing that all this terrible doodling will help me in the long run. It can only get better from here, we've hit rock bottom with this one.

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