My 2013 Goals

Posted on January 1, 2013 and tagged Personal with comments

Read 8 books -- This might not seem like a huge reading goal, but I figured since I've got a lot planned for 2013 I'll set some attainable. There have been years when I've read closer to 30 books but I have a feeling I won't have a lot of time for reading this year. I'm really hoping to exceed 8 books, but we'll see.

Fill a sketchbook page per week -- This one is actually going to be my new 52 week project. I really want to draw more and I think one page per week is more than do-able. And I'll make sure and post a picture each week so you can see it too!

Knit a sweater -- I just learned to knit over the holidays (barely) and I would really like to knit myself a sweater this year. Knitting came pretty naturally to me, so I think with a little practice I could cross this one off in the next couple months.

Have CourseCraft break even -- As you probably know, my husband and I started a little business in December. CourseCraft is a simple way to create and sell e-courses. We both have high hopes and big plans for it and I would loooove to see it pay for itself by the end of the year.

Try 2 new recipes per month -- I've been cooking the same things every week for a while now and it's getting a little boring. Between Post Punk Kitchen and Chef Chloe, this should be a fun and delicious goal!

Grow a nice garden out front -- Never having gardened a day in my life, this might be a tough one. When we first moved into our house in August I got the urge to rip everything (and I mean everything) out of the front garden and plant 2 sad looking shrubs and about 50 bulbs. After that, the neighbourhood squirrels had a giant feast on all my newly planted bulbs so I have a feeling I'm working with a clean slate this spring.

Take more walks and bike rides -- This was something I started doing last fall and I really loved it. I borrowed a bike from my mother in law and took off on a fairly regular basis. I would really love to get my own bike this year. After living in Toronto for 4 years with only my 2 feet to get me places, I'm basically a professional walker. Now that we have a car I want to make sure I don't get too lazy.

Sing and play a song on my guitar -- You guys, I got a guitar for christmas!! I can play 3 chords now, so I'm pretty much ready to start my own band. :P I would be so happy if by the end of the year I could play a whole song somewhat competently and sing along too. Did I mention I also joined a choir? I'm so excited about it and it should help me with the singing part of this goal.

There you have it, my 2013 goals. Nothing too sappy like "Be a better human being" or vague like "Get creative". Just simple, straight forward, measurable goals I can start working on right away. What are your goals for the new year? Anyone else doing a 52 week or a 365 project? I would love to hear about it! Happy new year everyone.

My Big News

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Today I'm very excited to tell you about a project that's been in the works for many months. I've been working on an app with the help of my very talented husband and it's finally the day of the offical launch!

CourseCraft makes creating and selling e-courses easier than you could ever imagine. If you have a special skill (I know you do) and you've been dying to share it with the world, now is your chance. E-courses are quickly gaining popularity on the internet and for good reason.

Why are e-courses so awesome?

  • Make passive income off your skill or craft.
  • Develop a personal connection with your followers and fans.
  • It's fun to teach people something useful.
  • Reach a huge audience (ie: the whole darn internet).

You can start creating your e-courses right this very minute. Just sign up for CourseCraft by filling in a few fields and you can dive right into writing lessons. Format your text using the simple text editor, upload files to your lessons and add an eye-catching cover photo. Right now, the promotion part is up to you but we help by giving you a URL to spread around that links back to a professional and polished splash page. There are huge plans in the works to add more ways to help you promote your courses including a CourseCraft marketplace.

If you make a course with CourseCraft I would looooove to hear about it. Your feedback is what will help make CourseCraft great. Also, I want to feature some course creators on the blog so I'll be on the lookout for people like you.

In the End

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On Friday my family lost a very special person. He had been sick for many years, but for some reason I never actually thought this day would come. He always seemed invincible to me.

"I was just entering my teenage years when Mike came into my life. I'm sure I didn't make it easy on him, but he stepped into his role like he had always been there. He was everything a girl could need or want in a dad. He was my scary authority figure, protector, giver of huge bear hugs, teller of disgusting jokes and most of all he made me feel so loved. I'll never feel like I had enough time with him or learned enough from him, but I'm thankful for what I did have."

Image Source: Society6 print In the End

Another Year Older

Posted on October 10, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like, Personal with comments

Birthdays usually bum me out a lot, but for some reason this year I'm actually looking forward to it. A little bit. I've got a small get together planned with friends, my husband says he has a surprise for me and my grandma is taking me out for lunch. Can't complain about any of that! For reasons that can't be explained though, I just booked a haircut at a completely new salon days before my birthday party, so maybe I should add a hat to my birthday wishlist here. So after my hopefully-not-too-horrible but probably-not-very-good haircut, you can buy my happiness with any of these suggestions. Or just tell me I look pretty.

Sweater - Bag - Camera - Earrings - Terrarium - Wallet - Coasters - Print

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