The View from my Phone: Catch Up

Posted on December 31, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography

This is my big "View from my Phone" catch up post. You know when you think things in your life are finally settling down and you sort-of, kind-of have stuff under control? And then a wrench gets thrown into all your plans and totally changes everything. Well that happened to me at the end of this year. It made it difficult to stay on track and on schedule with my blog. But even though I wasn't posting these updates I was still taking the pictures, so here's a big photo dump for you!

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • Marshall helps me paint and I try not to drip on him.
  • Beautiful, bright poinsettia from a friend. (ps. I never knew how to spell poinsettia until I just looked it up now for this post!)
  • I decided to learn to knit and even managed to struggle through a scarf!
  • Pretty flowers from the same lovely friend.
  • Marshall butt.
  • Drinking coffee and looking through knitting books. My friends need to start having kids so I have someone to knit for!

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • This guy has quite the face.
  • The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen in my life. No filter!
  • A certificate my mom received for completing a typing course in 1969.
  • Oooh racy matchbooks! The one on the right says "Short on sails" Ah jeeze...
  • The caption in my head for this photo has always been "Santa + Baby Jesus = BFF" but that's probably in poor taste. Much like this scene of Santa looking in on sleeping Jesus on a neighbour's front lawn.
  • My mom's first wedding photo. I love her crazy veil!

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • A small army of watercolour christmas cards.
  • Barney tucked away in his favourite cardboard box. I swear he has a real kitty bed, but much prefers a box.
  • Yummy, yummy blueberry pancakes.
  • A little peek in my sketchbook. I'm hoping to do much more of this in the new year. (There's a little hint at my next 52 week project!)
  • Holiday party apparel Canada-style. Gotta stay warm!
  • Things are coming along on my whale painting. Been at this one for a while now.

This was the week I went crazy and only talked to plants? Yes, it appears so. I don't have names for them all yet because they're still new and I don't want to get attached in case they die. I've only owned 1 plant before in my whole life so I'm very excited about keeping these ladies and gents alive. I think I might call the one on the top-left Spike. Also, I got a guitar for christmas!! Right now the sounds that I make don't resemble music at all, but I'm working hard on it. Got the sore fingers to prove it.

Thanks for following along with these posts all year. I actually finished all 52 weeks!! I have a completely new 52 week project planned for 2013, but I think I'll still occasionally post some phone pictures now that I'm in the habit of taking them. Thanks again for reading. Have a happy new year everyone.

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