Back to Blogging and a Freebie

Hey guys, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Without really planning it, I ended up taking a much needed 3 month break from blogging. I guess I just needed some time away! It’s been a tough year for me for a lot of reasons and it’s also been one of the craziest in terms of doing new things. I had a couple deaths in the family and at the same time I’ve been working like crazy on CourseCraft. Between family and CourseCraft, I just felt like I had nothing left to give. CourseCraft has been an incredibly exciting project for me and full of learning experiences. Running your own business (as a lot of you know) is full of ups and downs. If what you’re working on is from the heart, those downs can be really tough. Everytime you get a rejection or something does pan out, it feels really personal. If your business isn’t moving at the pace you think it should be, it can feel like you’re a big fat failure sometimes!

I don’t have any secret trick for getting rid of those feelings of doubt or a magic potion to give you more energy, I’m just trying to take things one day at a time now. Staying focused on my long term goals helps me a lot. If there’s a day where I’m not feeling particularly ambitious, I try to focus on the overall goals for my life. I’m talking dream goals like, eventually upgrading to a bigger house, going on a fancy vacation, being written about in a major news publication, or being able to hire an employee. When I think about those wildest dreams I just know that I have to do at least one thing today that will help me get there. If I can do something every single day to further my progress towards my goals, I know that one day I’ll eventually get there. Even if it’s been baby steps the whole way!

As a thank you for sticking around (or coming here for the first time!) I created a little free printable. I’ve been fooling around with patterns lately and while it’s not perfect, I think this little mushroom pattern is pretty darn cute! I used it on a card with a little space for a personalized message. Say thanks, happy birthday, thinking of you or anything else. I hope you like it!