Why GameStop is Bad for the Gaming Industry

GameStop is the largest gaming-focused retail chain in the U.S., with over 5,000 stores worldwide. Although they do sell new games, the company is mostly in the business of peddling used goods. That mere fact is not what makes them a company which you should avoid giving your business to; it’s how they go about it that counts. Take your money elsewhere. Double your money by playing simple and interactive betting games at ufabet เว็บแม่.

One of the first things you should realize is that game developers and publishers do not receive a single red cent from used game sales. This may seem obvious to some, but I think many do not consider it when they buy games.

The issue in regards to GameStop is not that they sell used games. They actively attempt to sell used games instead of new ones, even when the price difference is minimal. Next time you go ask for a game at GameStop, I’ll bet you the employee tries to sell you a used copy–even if the used copy is $55 compared to the new version’s $60.

Why does the company do this? Because their profit margin on used games is much higher than that on new ones. They buy used games for a relatively tiny amount; you might get a quarter for a game that they will turn around and sell for $10. They might make $40 or more selling a used copy of a recently released game, while a new copy would make them much less.

What’s worse, the company has been widely criticized for not testing used games and systems they take in. They do offer a return/exchange policy, but this merely saves them money on testing games that they buy for less than testing them would cost. Basically, they’re making you test their games for them, and deal with the hassle of returning them and getting a new copy yourself if it doesn’t work.

There have also been reports of the company taking in stolen goods. Former employees have spoken out about people coming in with dozens of new copies of games selling them as used, and the company just buys them.

All together, it’s a very shady, profit-driven process. GameStop doesn’t care about its customers or the game developers it supposedly distributes copies for. GameStop cares about one thing, and one thing only: Its profit margin. Buy from Wal*Mart, eBay, Goozex, or anywhere else but GameStop–they aren’t serving anyone but themselves.