A Working Relationship in Action

Woman: You hurt me!

Man: But you hurt me too.

Woman: But you hurt me more!

Man: But you have hurt me for years!

Woman: But I did not do what you did!

Man: But you did things too! 

Woman: Well I never!

Man: But you wanted too! 

Woman: Its not my fault! 

Man: Its not all mine either!

Woman: This is all your doing!

Man: Its your doing too! 

Woman: Don’t raise your voice!

Man: You raised yours first!

Woman: I am not yelling!

Man: I am not either!

Woman: This is too hard!

Man: It will take work! 

Woman: I am not sure if I can do it!

Man: I believe we can. 

Woman:I am scared!

Man: I am scared too! 

Man: Where do we go from here? 

Woman: I have no idea.

Man: Baby steps…yes? 

Woman: I will try to forgive you.

Man: I will forgive you too. 

Woman: What if I can’t forget?

Man: I am not asking you too.

Woman: What if we fail?

Man: We won’t!

Woman: Do you still love me?

Man: I truly do! 

Woman: I guess I should have done more.

Man: I guess I should have said something.

Woman: I guess I should have listened.

Man: I guess we both have made mistakes.

Man: I love you!

Woman: I love you too!

Man: I love you more!

Woman: I love you the most!

Man: I will love you forever and a day!

Woman: I will love you forever and two days! 

Man: Are we keeping score? 

Woman: Are you being a smarty pants?

Man: I was just askin’?

Woman: Are you sayin’ you don’t love me?

Man: I will love you forever and three days…how’s that?

Woman: Much better….Night night!