Office Spouse: Can Work Relationships Remain Professional?

Yes, you know someone (maybe even yourself) that has admitted to having an office spouse or a good ol’ office funboy or fungirl on hand at work. Think about it, on average we give our employers 40 hours (sometimes more, depending on job nature) of our time weekly. Outside of home, work is the second place where we spend most of our time. Day to day, we build our relationships with our co-workers, which many people consider their “second families.” Most people keep their work relationships very professional, while others take it to the next level. To unwind a little, during or after a stressful day at work, you could play some fun sports betting games via Ufabet168¬†and have the chance to win money.

There are jobs that are deemed to be very hazardous to ones marriage or relationship with that special someone.
They are:
Military Staff (Highest Contributors to divorce rate)
Entertainers (Rappers, and Movie Stars, Club Promoters)
Police Officers
Company CEO’s

What will you do if you are ever faced with that dilemma? How can you avoid having one of these ‘Office Spouse’ relationships develop?

1) Maintain your space- Keep your space private and make sure you give notice to someone that visits your ‘space’ to frequently to BACK OFF, in a nice way.

2) Keep pictures of your family posted in your space. No, not a shrine, but just a little reminder of the happy family life you have.

3) Keep your outside life….OUTSIDE! The less they know, means the less they have against you.

4) Dress professional! I know most of us go to happy hour after work, but please…bring a change of clothes or make the outfit you have work for the type of environment that you are working in.

5) Don’t change your mindset. Work is work! It’s just that simple!

6) Think about the consequences if the relationship goes bad. The task of having to see his or her face is enough to make you start seeking employment elsewhere.

7) Relocate your office or space if you feel someone is pressing up on you a little too much!

8) Don’t look for new ‘goodies’ in the same market (your JOB) you frequent in!