Celebrate the Holidays (like a real adult) with Minted

You know when you’re just starting out on your own and you think “Oh nobody expects me to do stuff like cook real food, pay bills on time or send Christmas cards! That stuff’s for real adults who have lives together.” Well I passed that time probably 4 years ago but I still barely manage to send out holiday cards to more than 5 people. While I don’t exactly have my life together yet, I figured a good step in the direction of adulthood would be to send Christmas cards this year.

For a few years now, my mom has included a little family newsletter with her cards. It updates everyone on what’s been happening all year (sometimes good and bad news) and is great for the friends and family you don’t see that often. I also love the idea of a photo card since it’s doubles as a nice little keepsake. I’ve put together a collection of my favourite holiday cards from Minted. I’m having trouble deciding on which design I want!

You want your card to stand out from the rest! All of these colourful cards are so beautiful and eyecatching.

  1. Make It Merry  2. Let’s Be Jolly   3. Happiest Holiday
    Infographics are such a cool way to incorporate the family news and milestones into your card. What a fun way to recap the year.

  1. Family Year In Review 2. Ticket To Joy 3. Year In A Nutshell
    If you really want to impress your friends mom, then check out these cute holiday DIY’s from the Minted blog Julep :

I’ve been dying to try a scratch card DIY for a while and this advent calendar is insanely cute. The free download looks great and makes it super easy to create.

Whip a couple of these paper party balls up in some Christmas colours and you got yourself some pretty festive decorations!

What about you? Are you doing anything this year to step up your holiday game?