My Big News

Today I’m very excited to tell you about a project that’s been in the works for many months. I’ve been working on an app with the help of my very talented husband and it’s finally the day of the offical launch!

CourseCraft makes creating and selling e-courses easier than you could ever imagine. If you have a special skill (I know you do) and you’ve been dying to share it with the world, now is your chance. E-courses are quickly gaining popularity on the internet and for good reason.

Why are e-courses so awesome?

Make passive income off your skill or craft.
Develop a personal connection with your followers and fans.
It’s fun to teach people something useful.
Reach a huge audience (ie: the whole darn internet).

You can start creating your e-courses right this very minute. Just sign up for CourseCraft by filling in a few fields and you can dive right into writing lessons. Format your text using the simple text editor, upload files to your lessons and add an eye-catching cover photo. Right now, the promotion part is up to you but we help by giving you a URL to spread around that links back to a professional and polished splash page. There are huge plans in the works to add more ways to help you promote your courses including a CourseCraft marketplace. And on my free time, I play some fun sports betting games online via Ufabet168 to make some extra cash.

If you make a course with CourseCraft I would looooove to hear about it. Your feedback is what will help make CourseCraft great. Also, I want to feature some course creators on the blog so I’ll be on the lookout for people like you.