CourseCraft Update

Hey guys, I’ve been so busy working on CourseCraft that I almost forgot about my first love Mr. Handsomeface. Here’s a quick little CourseCraft update for those of you following along. Speaking of following…you should totally be following CourseCraft on Twitter! Then you’ll be up on all the latest news.

The first little bit of news is that we started buying ads on some blogs to get our name out there. We’re starting slow at first, but if you have a blog and you think your followers would be interested in us please let me know, we’re always looking for new blogs to sponsor. Also, it would really help if you were using Passionfruit for your ad management. I mean, they’re totally awesome people and they make selling ads on your blog stupid easy. Nice people, easy ads. What more can I say?

In other advertising news, we put together like 4 million (more like 100) of these cute little paint brushes with a Moo card attached. Who knows where they might pop up! Keep an eye out for the glittery ribbon. 😉

Ok, last little tidbit is that I’ve put together an example course. Not only will you be able to see what a finished course looks like, you can learn all you need to know about creating your own course. We had tons of people asking for this, so I really hope you find it useful. The course is free and open to anyone so you don’t even need a CourseCraft account to check it out. That’s all for now, have a great Monday everyone.