Yarn Ball Push Pins

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve posted a DIY project that I forgot how much WORK it is to photograph a post like this and then edit all the photos. I also forgot how much fun it is to come up with these posts. My photography skills are certainly a little rusty but hopefully I got some good shots for ya and you enjoy this little project because I had a great time making it. It truly is a 5 minute DIY and it’s probably a $5 DIY too.

These little push pins look like mini balls of yarn and they look really adorable on a cork board. You could even cooridinate the colours to match your office decor. I really think they’d make a great addition to a gift for someone. Put together a little box with a set of stationery, some pretty pens, a notebook and these cute push pins and you’re set.

First the supplies: You’ll need push pins with a flat head, small foam balls (mine were 15/16 in.), some yarn scraps (better to stay away from really chuncky yarn), a hot glue gun and some scissors. I had all this lying around my house already so all I had to buy was the foam balls for like $2.

So it’s seriously easy. Just start wrapping a foam ball with the yarn. Try to go slow and use as little yarn as possible or you’ll end up with giant balls (hee hee giant balls — sorry, I’m a child). Once you’ve just covered all the foam, secure the end with a tiny dot of hot glue. If you find that the ball is lumpy in some parts just give it a light squeeze (hah!) to compress the foam. After that, I tucked a push pin in behind the yarn and secured it with another little dap of glue.

And that’s it! Wasn’t that insanely easy? And look how cute they look on my bulletin board. Sorry you had to put up with all my ball jokes, but I mean come on how could I resist??